20 Feb

I just read this article about researchers that use fattened monkeys to study human obesity. At 45 lbs, poor monkey Shiva is twice his normal weight and his belly hangs to the ground; he can eat whatever he wants and doesn’t get exercise. I understand animal testing for some things but to better understand obesity in humans? I’ve always thought it ridiculous that people (Americans) even struggle with an excess of food in the first place. Food as the enemy. How backwards is that, when millions are starving elsewhere? Just stop eating, people! Fruits and vegs = good. Mcds = bad. Not that hard to figure out.


hipsters, abound!

9 Feb

I was just on Quora and came across this question:

Why are so many people in tech community hipsters?

Yes, I lol’d. Sprinkled in more serious answers (which is sort of odd, for an obviously quirky question) are my favorite responses:

– I can’t believe I am entering a conversation on hipsters on Quora but I’ll bite…

– Because hipster culture is nerd culture dressed up in lumberjack shirts. Nerds have always been the driving force in tech

– because they are young, thin, and look good in shabby clothing with attractive accessories.

google art project

1 Feb

Now this is just incredible. The new Google Art Project elevates the accessibility of art by allowing you to take virtual visits to some of the world most incredible collections. I hope more young people (well, people in general) take interest in these treasures!

Visit it here:

clever phrases of the day

31 Jan

From my morning reading:

Great aging metaphor – “But the Muslim world is slowly heading towards paunchiness: the median age in Muslim-majority countires was 19 in 1990. It is 24 now, and will be 30 by 2030.” (Economist)

Perfect characterization – “America bullied other countries into following suit.” (same)

Anything to poke fun at Gavin’s ridiculousness 😉 – “This…German restaurant …boasts a 20-liter, 5ft-tall behemoth allegedly filled on very special occasions by their lederhosen-attired frauleins, which just might be the largest mug in San Francisco, now that The Gav’s officially in Sacramento.” (Thrillist)

mr. android

27 Jan

I quite like this little guy:

Almost cute enough to make me want a Droid over the iPhone. And your related fact of the day: did you know that the code name for Android’s newest release, Android 2.3, is “Gingerbread”? Yum.

vitamin d me up, scotty

26 Jan

My purchase of the day. Very adult. It is quite a challenge to restrain myself from more than my daily serving. I’m addicted!

the beaver creek of paragraphs

20 Jan

I had to laugh when I read the first few sentences of a recent Economist piece on North Korea. It included the following phrases: “bellicose bile,” “unctuous appeals,” “inchoate nuclear arsenal.”

So deliberately pretentious.